“Butter, cream, and cheese form the basis of my food religion. The holy trinity of my kitchen. But above all stands butter.”

Fat Cheeks Foods is on a mission to help make every meal extraordinary. Its flavored butters can be used on everything from pancakes to biscuits, hamburgers to veggies, and things they haven’t even thought of yet.

“This product is unlike anything on the market today.  Our butter is high-fat and small-batch, giving it a huge taste advantage from the start. Then we combine the most premium ingredients to make butters that will expand your palate and make all your kitchen creations memorable.  We believe we’ve created one of the best tasting products sold today and can't wait to…spread the love.”

Fat Cheeks Foods is headquartered in Minneapolis and led by Minnesota-native Jamie Pearson. She brings a creative eye and foodie’s palate to her business, combining her experience as a designer and photographer with her love for Midwest-style foods. Jamie still lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and has one refrigerator drawer dedicated to cheese, one dedicated to butter, and only recently realized that some people keep vegetables in there.